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Large Pretzel $8.95​

Add Beer Cheese Dip $2.50.

Pretzel Bites $6.95

Add Beer Cheese Dip $2.50.

Budapest Salad $7.95​

Crunchy, fresh salad made with eggs, peas, carrots, apples,
​Kosher dill and potatoes in a creamy mayo-mustard sauce.

Opa's Favorite $11.95

Two wedges of lightly breaded German Gouda
cheese served with a Haus special cranberry sauce.

Potato Skins $9.95

Potato skins filled with European
cheese blend topped with bacon bits.

Pogi $7.95

Three pieces of Hungarian turf cakes served with haus special cranberry sauce.

Sausages & Brats

Sausages & Brats served with red cabbage, sauerkraut & German fried potatoes. GLUTEN FREE!

Hungarian Sausage $13.95

Authentic robust flavored pork sausage.

Smoked Bratwurst $13.95

Mixed beef and pork meat brat grilled to perfection.

The Original German Bratwurst $13.95

Delicious pork brat grilled to perfection.

Bockwurst $13.95

Grilled mildly flavored veal and pork brats.

Beer Hots $12.95

Flavorful spicy pork and beef, pan seared sausages.

Knockwurst $13.95

Mildly smoked garlicky veal and pork sausages originating from Northern Germany.

Chicken Bratwurst $13.95

Delicious mildly flavored chicken brat grilled to perfection.

Curry Wurst $13.95​

Curry Wurst $13.95


All Schnitzels comes with french fries and cucumber salad or a roll.

Jägerschnitzel $14.95

Lightly breaded, tenderized pork loin served with a bacon-mushroom savory sauce.

Hühnerschnitzel $14.95

Lightly breaded, tenderized chicken breast served with creamy garlic sauce.

Wienerschnitzel $19.95

​Lightly breaded veal cutlet served with paprika sauce.

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu $17.95​

Tenderized pork loin wrapped around ham and
cheese. Breaded and pan fried to golden brown.

Hungarian Schnitzel $14.95

Lightly breaded and tenderized pork loin served with paprika sauce.

Haus Specialties!

Fine German & Hungarian Fare

Goulash $16.95

Authentic Hungarian Goulash served with European White Bread.

Rinderrouladen $17.95

​Thinly sliced beef cutlet with a light layer of spicy mustard, wrapped around bacon,
onion and pickles served with spätzle and our special Haus made red cabbage.

Eisbein $18.95

Smoked ham hock slowly roasted in Haus made sauerkraut until it falls of the bone.

Chicken Paprikash $15.95

Slow simmered chicken cutlets in a creamy paprika
​sauce served with spatzle and cucumber salad.

Stuffed Cabbage $16.95

​Pickled cabbage leaves filled with perfectly seasoned pork, beef and rice. Slow cooked
with smoked sausages. Topped with sour cream. Served with European white bread.

Kasseler Kotelett $14.95​

Grilled smoked pork chops served with Haus made
red cabbage, sauerkraut and German fried potatoes.

Hackbraten $12.95​

​Ground beef and pork mixed with traditional European herbs and
​spices. Served with Haus made mashed potatoes and red cabbage.

Sauerbraten $18.95​

Marinated for 5 days before cooking. Served with
spätzle & Haus made red cabbage. Served every day!

Larry Roberts Bavarian Accordion
Tuesday thru Saturday 6PM -9PM
Sunday's 5PM - 8PM