All desserts are $6.95!

Edelweiss European Sweetness!

Walnut Palacsinta​

​​Hungarian style crepes filled with rum flavored walnut
​cream served with vanilla sauce and a dash of chocolate sauce.


Sour Cherry Soup

Creamy sour cherry soup served cold, topped with whipped cream.


Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Roll

Rolled chocolate cookie dough filled with hazelnut
​and white cream served with chocolate sauce.

Edelweiss Apple Pie

European style apple pie served hot with vanilla
ice cream and a hint a cinnamon and carmel sauce.

Edelweiss Cherry Pie

European style cherry pie served hot with
vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Larry Roberts Bavarian Accordion
Tuesday thru Saturday 6PM -9PM
Sunday's 5PM - 8PM